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With our system, you can create as many users as you want and give them different levels of access. Then keep track of payments to them, leave and their time spent.

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human resources software


Create as many users as you want and record all their information, including next of kin and medical details.
human resources software


Give your users different access levels - allowing sales staff to see some information and accounting staff to see more.
human resources software


Track payments to staff with information about taxes, loans, deductions and more.
human resources software


Users can easily communicate with great chatting tools, and on individual tasks - making their work more efficient.

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Re-focus your staff's time into generating business and revenue for your company.


Make informed business decisions by tracking finances and improvements in conversion rates.

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Comet provides a complete solution to help you run your business. Everything is included.

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Unlimited clients and suppliers. No software installation and free updates. Eliminate the cost of multiple systems. Customised quotes, invoices and statements. Easy to use reporting and finance reports. New features introduced monthly.
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