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Comet is a free business management software suite that will transform your company, save you time and reduce your costs.

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Why Comet?

Comet is designed by small business owners, for small business owners. It's easy to use, cost-effective and has everything you need to run your company! Start Now

Incredible Business Management Tools


Create quotes, invoices, financial statements and more with Comet's easy-to-use accounting software.

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Create as many users as you want, keep track of their leave, salaries and personal information. It's the easiest way to do human resources, without the admin.

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Create and manage projects, assign tasks, time and record completion of your to do list. Collaborate and manage your projects with any user in an instant.

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Keep track of your prospects, clients, conversion rates and more. Generate easy to read reports on the financial health of your client relationships.

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Chat to any other user within your company, send them files and co-ordinate tasks and projects. You can see who is online and increase productivity with your team.

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Provide different levels of access to your users, giving each person a role in the company and ensuring that staff don't see what they aren't supposed to.

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Transform Your Business


Re-focus your staff's time into generating business and revenue for your company.


Make informed business decisions by tracking finances and improvements in conversion rates.

Always On

Access Comet from anywhere, allowing your staff to do their jobs from outside the office.


Comet provides a complete solution to help you run your business. Everything is included.

Why Comet?

Run your company more efficiently and save time and money! It's easy to use and requires no training. Stop wasting your time and run your business today.

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Saving thousands of people time and money.

Unlimited clients and suppliers. No software installation and free updates. Eliminate the cost of multiple systems. Customised quotes, invoices and statements. Easy to use reporting and finance reports. New features introduced monthly.
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